Our Success Story – Potosi Hot Springs Resort

In the spring of 2000, Nick wrote a 160 page business plan which allowed him to raise the capital necessary to purchase a beautiful, 80 acre property with a home, four cabins and a couple of developed hot springs.  They began immediately restoring and rehabilitating the property and buildings. They opened the doors to the public in May of 2000 and over the next seven years, they developed Potosi Hot Springs Resort into a thriving destination resort.

Christine was the head chef (and for much of the time, the only chef) at Potosi, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for her guests. She focused her menu on organic, game dishes. The reviews by the guests were nothing but spectacular, and this naturally talented young woman blew the socks off people who had eaten at some of the finest establishments around the world.

Potosi was a true “full-service resort.” Not only did they provide three gourmet, organic meals per day, but they offered guided fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, cross country skiing and showshoeing. Nick and Christine also added the Mountain Flower Spa in 2004 to their operation to expand their massage and spa services to their guests. The Spa operated out of a beautiful yurt and tipi set alongside the creek.

When they eventually sold the property in 2007, the resort was maintaining a year-round occupancy rate of over 70% and a summer average of between 90-95%. The most amazing part about this was the very limited marketing budget they were working with to achieve these numbers.  Over these seven years, Potosi was the feature of countless newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic Traveler, Outside, and Conde Naste. Nick and Christine were also the focus of four, half hour, national television shows.

By far, their most impressive achievement was the satisfaction and happiness that they provided to their guests. They developed an internationally renowned resort whose occupancy was fueled by repeat guests and word of mouth marketing, which is the mark of a truly well run destination in the hospitality industry.