The Team

Nick Kern

Nick Kern was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado where he spent his childhood being exposed to the beauty and wonder of the natural world as well as learning from the best in the service and hospitality industries. From there he migrated to Colgate University in Hamilton, New York for his undergraduate studies and to play hockey. He spent his junior year studying at the London School of Economics studying International Economics and at King’s College where he focused on the works of Shakespeare.  He returned to Colgate for his senior year and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and Economics. Upon graduating he moved to Montana to work at East Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park. He immediately fell in love with Montana and settled in the Bozeman area where he spent the next five years working in the service and hospitality industries.  Working at night gave him the opportunity to spend his days playing in the mountains and on the rivers. During this time he also bought and renovated a small, historic apartment complex, teaching himself the many different construction and remodeling skills needed to make that a success.While in Bozeman he began dating his future wife, Christine Stark…

Nick’s Highlights

  • Former resort owner
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Yoga instructor
  • Published writer and photographer
  • Experienced world traveler
  • Fly fishing guide and instructor
  • Television show host
  • Experienced outdoorsman
  • Youth hockey, baseball and soccer coach
  • Proud father and husband


Christine Kern

Christine Kern was born Christine Stark in St. Louis, Missouri where she attended high school at Mary Institute.  From St. Louis she moved to Virginia, where she attended Lynchburg College and received a B.A. in English Literature and Political Science. After graduation she moved to Bozeman, Montana and spent time as a waitress, a legal assistant and a chef. She was just beginning to really hone her cooking skills when Nick asked her to join him as his executive chef at a resort he was looking to buy…

Christine’s Highlights

  • Former Resort Owner
  • Gourmet Chef
  • Proficient in Spanish
  • Master Gardener
  • Proud wife and mother

Potosi Hot Springs Resort logoPotosi Hot Springs Resort

In the fall of 1999 Nick and Christine were out camping in the mountains west of Bozeman. While on this fateful camping trip they came upon a beautiful lodge that was going bankrupt. Nick decided it was time to learn to write a business plan, and he used the property of Potosi Hot Springs as the case study for it. After four months of efforts, he took his 160 page business plan to some banks for their review, never expecting to actually receive the loan. Amazingly, one local bank was impressed enough by the business plan to loan Nick $1,000,000 to buy the property and start his business. At the time Nick was only 28 years of age and had hardly any assets, demonstrating the power of a good business plan.Nick and Christine owned and operated Potosi Hot Springs Resort for seven years. During that time they learned many difficult and often expensive lessons. They were responsible for all aspects of the resort from cleaning the rooms to running the marketing to guiding the fly fishing. There was no aspect of the business that they did not have to do themselves before they were able to afford to hire the staff to do it for them. Nick’s main responsibilities were business planning, marketing, guest services, and grounds improvements and maintenance. Christine was the head chef, serving three organic meals per day for guests, as well as overseeing housekeeping and managing the office. As a result they learned the remote, eco-resort business inside and out- much of it the hard way.  They built Potosi Hot Springs Resort into a world-class resort and in the spring of 2007 they sold it for a generous profit…

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Reap the Rewards Consulting logoReap The Rewards Consulting

Nick and Christine spent the next three years starting a family, traveling the world, and doing business consulting for friends. In 2010 they created Reap the Rewards Consulting and now offer their skills and experience to small destination resorts around the world.

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