Here we are!

And with this entry, I officially enter the blogosphere. What, no welcoming committee? No cupcakes? Oh well, here is what I’ve got to say:

With the launch of our website, Reap the Rewards Consulting is officially open for business. If we were a main street business, we’d have balloons, a band and free food for everyone, but since our business storefront just exists in the digital universe, we’ll have to settle for this blog. Some things have certainly been lost with the invention of the world wide web. On the other hand some things have certainly been gained.  We can now operate an international consulting business from anywhere in the world with our laptop and smartphone.

What I’d like to address is the ”why” behind Reap the Rewards Consulting. There are times I drift off and remember what it was like in the first couple years of operating our intimate, destination getaway, Potosi Hot Springs Resort in southwest Montana, and I recall just how hopelessly buried we were by the overwhelming demands of running that business. Exhausted, confused, frustrated,under-financed, naïve- so many negative words to describe our situation. I remember desperately hoping to find someone who could show up and walk me through the basics of the business- the filing, the marketing, the improvements to the grounds that were necessary, and so many other areas that I had questions. But I never found that person. Instead, I slogged through the mire, day after day, pushing the huge ball an inch up the hill only to have it roll back three. I just remember so desperately wanting help, and it was nowhere to be found- and believe me I looked. Sure there were people who worked with the Hiltons and Marriots of the world that would show up for half of our gross income, or people who had owned a bed and breakfast for a year in Vermont that could give us a couple of pointers, but no one that truly understood the complexities of an intimate, destination resort like ours.

It is because of this void that my wife and I decided that we could help a lot of people that are currently in the same situation we were in by offering up the experience and wisdom we gained the hard way. So we decided to  form our business, Reap the Rewards Consulting, and here we are- ready to come to your resort, bring a fresh set of eyes and perspective to your operation and help you take it to the next level of success.  We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve stood up to our knees in the same mud, and we know how to get you onto dry land! Give us a call and let us help you reap the rewards of your business…



Nick Kern

Owner, Reap the Rewards Consulting

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